Xbox Countdown Sale 2023


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Apr 10, 2023
It's time for the Xbox Countdown Sale 2023! This is described by Microsoft as the biggest Xbox sale of the entire year, and it's reported to feature over 1400 deals in all - it's an absolutely massive selection of titles!

Starting on December 15: The Countdown Sale is our largest tentpole sale with over 1,400 offers this year including over 130 DLC and VC offers.

Below, you'll find some of the major highlights from the Xbox Countdown Sale 2023. If you want the full list, you should find it promoted as part of the Microsoft Store app on your Xbox console (under the "Deals" section), and you can also view it on the official Xbox website as part of the "Countdown Sale" collection.

The Xbox Countdown Sale 2023 is expected to last until around January 2nd. Enjoy!

Some of the highlights from this yerar's Countdown Sale
Alan Wake Remastered£8.24$9.8967%
Alan Wake 2£39.99$47.9920%
Aliens: Dark Descent£22.74$25.9935%
Assassin’s Creed Mirage – Standard Edition£31.49$34.9930%
Atlas Fallen£29.99$35.9940%
Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold-War Cross-Gen£22.74$24.4967%
Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 Cross-Gen£48.99$48.9930%
Cyberpunk 2077£24.99$29.9950%
Cyberpunk 2077: Phantom Liberty£21.24$25.4920%
Dead Island 2£35.99$41.9940%
Diablo IV£41.99$41.9940%
Dying Light 2 Stay Human£29.99$29.9950%
EA Sports FC 24 Standard Edition£27.99$27.9960%
EA Sports UFC 5£41.99$41.9940%
EA Sports WRC£26.99$29.9940%
Elden Ring£29.99$35.9940%
Forza Horizon 5 Premium Add-Ons Bundle£19.99$24.9950%
Forza Motorsport Premium Add-Ons Bundle£23.99$31.9920%
Grand Theft Auto V (XBS)£17.49$19.9950%
Halo: The Master Chief Collection£7.49$9.9975%
Hogwarts Legacy Series X|S£32.49$34.9950%
Lords of the Fallen£41.99$48.9930%
Madden NFL 24£27.99$27.9960%
Mafia: Definitive Edition£8.74$9.9975%
Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy£14.99$14.9975%
Mass Effect Legendary Edition£5.99$5.9990%
Metal Gear Solid Master Collection Vol.1£39.99$47.9920%
Mortal Kombat 11 Ultimate£9.99$8.9985%
Mortal Kombat 1£38.99$41.9940%
NBA 2K24 for Series X|S£34.99$24.9950%
Nickelodeon All-Star Brawl 2£23.99$29.9940%
Park Beyond£17.49$17.4965%
Police Simulator: Patrol Officers£26.24$29.9925%
Red Dead Redemption 2£18.14$19.7967%
Resident Evil 4 Remake£26.09$29.9950%
Resident Evil Village Gold Edition£15.99$19.9960%
Robocop: Rogue City- Alex Murphy Edition£41.99$48.9930%
Rust Console Edition£23.99$35.9940%
Saints Row£14.99$14.9975%
Slender: The Arrival£10.88$12.9935%
Sonic Frontiers Digital Deluxe£21.99$27.9960%
Sonic Superstars£38.49$41.9930%
STAR WARS Jedi: Survivor£34.99$34.9950%
Street Fighter 6£32.98$40.1933%
The Crew – Motorfest – Deluxe Edition£37.49$39.9950%
The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt – Complete Edition£10.49$14.9970%
Watch Dogs: Legion£8.99$8.9985%
WWE 2K23 Cross-Gen Digital£21.44$23.0967%

There are also 80+ backward compatible games included in the sale

Down below is every single backwards compatible title discounted in Xbox's Countdown Sale for 2023