The Union

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Title: The Union

Tagline: Old flame. New mission.

Genre: Action,Thriller

Director: Julian Farino

Cast: Mark Wahlberg,Halle Berry,J.K. Simmons,Jackie Earle Haley,Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje,Jessica De Gouw,Alice Lee,Patch Darragh,Alex Brightman,Andrei Lenart,Susan Fordham,Fahim Fazli,Robert Ryan,Lucy Cork,Jeśka Pike,Jen Jacob,Scott Rees,Julianna Kurokawa,Adam Collins,Richard Sutar,John-Deric Mitchell,Smilla,Riley Neldam,Luis Arroyo Jr.,Claire Ashton,Christian Yeung,Liam Edwards,Tianyi Kiy,Tommy Bayiokos,Stephane Fichet,Steve Mullins,Elena Bielova,Nathan Hall,Luqman A. Agiya,Tatanya Lowed-Spence,Guy Robbins,Benny Bereal,Obie Matthew,Giovanni James Bertoia,Robert John Gallagher,Eugene Lin,MJ Lee,Charlotte Aldhouse,Nikky Athan,Nas Ganev,Jason Charles Onion,Prince Marfo,Mamie Barry,David Ambler,Gaj Mirtic,Alex Merry,Anthony Thomas,Simon Steggall,Cain Aiden,Jason Latief Anderson,Lincoln R. Beckett,Doug Berry,Patrice Bevans,Carlos Damasceno,Nick Donald,Jag Patel,Daniel Joseph Woolf

Status: Post Production

Release: 2024-08-15

Runtime: 109

Plot: Mike, a construction worker from Jersey, is quickly thrust into the world of super spies and secret agents when his high school sweetheart, Roxanne, suddenly comes back into his life and recruits him on a high-stakes U.S. intelligence mission.

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