The Fall Guy

Title: The Fall Guy

Genre: Action

Director: David Leitch

Cast: Ryan Gosling,Emily Blunt,Aaron Taylor-Johnson,Stephanie Hsu,Winston Duke,Hannah Waddingham,Teresa Palmer,Adam Dunn,Beth Champion,Robert McFarlane,Madeleine Jones,Jack O'Doherty,Tashrif Islam,Nathan Bates,Martin Cohen,Tahlia Crinis,Luisa Mariano,Nova Onas,Shakriya Tarinyawat,Charlotte Woods

Status: Post Production

Release: 2024-02-29

Plot: A battered and past-his-prime stuntman finds himself back on a movie with the star for whom he doubled long ago and who replaced him. The wrinkle, however, is that the star has gone missing.

Cast Crew

    • Ryan Gosling

    • Emily Blunt

    • Aaron Taylor-Johnson

    • Stephanie Hsu

    • Winston Duke

    • Jonathan Sela (Camera)

      Director of Photography
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