Fool's Paradise

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Title: Fool's Paradise

Tagline: He's ready for his close-up.

Genre: Comedy

Director: Charlie Day

Cast: Charlie Day,Ken Jeong,Kate Beckinsale,Adrien Brody,Jason Sudeikis,Ray Liotta,Steve Coulter,Jason Bateman,Edie Falco,Mary Elizabeth Ellis,Drew Droege,Artemis Pebdani,Leonora Pitts,Jimmi Simpson,Lance Barber,Lindsay Musil,Aixa Maldonado,Shane Paul McGhie,Andre Hyland,Julia Cho,Allison Paige,Dean Norris,Scott Allen Perry,Glenn Howerton,Luvh Rakhe,Robert Belushi,Andrew Leeds,Ricky Wang,Austin Zajur,Scott Pitts,Common,Jillian Bell,Benito Martinez,Katherine McNamara,Brett Wagner,John Malkovich,Tom O'Rion,Tom Beyer,Alanna Ubach,David Hornsby,Effy Shafir,Helen Geller,Lisa Schwartz,Romel de Silva,Jeremy Chu,Leandra Terrazzano,Lyndon Smith,June Carryl,Talia Tabin,Moses Storm,David McClary,Justin Jedlica,Christopher Christian,Andrew Santino,Peter MacKenzie,Christine Horn,Roy Jenkins,Kevin Foster,John Ales,Bianca Araceli,Cheryl Bowers,Christopher Macken,Harry Yi,George Lopez,Eliza Coleman,Marilyn Giacomazzi,Steve DeCastro,Charles Grisham,Thomas Vu,Eric VanArsdale

Status: Released

Release: 2023-05-12

Runtime: 99

Plot: A down-on-his-luck publicist discovers a recently released mental health patient who looks just like a misbehaving movie star. The publicist subs him into a film, creating a new star. But fame and fortune are not all they are cracked up to be.

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      Latte Pronto
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      Lenny the Publicist
    • Kate Beckinsale

      Christiana Dior
    • Adrien Brody

      Chad Luxt
    • Jason Sudeikis

      Lex Tanner
    • Chase Aston (Costume & Make-Up)

      Makeup Artist
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